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Post by sto6 » Thu May 28, 2015 6:08 am

I make a conscious decision to walk in Christ Alone.

So I walked to Church again,
Not dressed in Sunday best ,but at least dressed
Dressed enough to fit in this holy people crowd.
I wonder if they will accept me,
if they only knew...
Where I was,what I did,with whom i was last night,
or that the black smith keeps pounding my head.
Too much wine in the head, leaves a pounding sound that just won`t go...
Even inside a beautiful church.

So I entered church late,
Late enough to miss giving an offering
But not too late,to miss the sermon.
I know I haven`t lived the perfect life,
made mistakes along the way,
done so many things I cannot undo,
But I still come here...
To the one who has the power to change my life
by grace.
I no longer judge others who act the way I did,
I live a life of discretion,
making careful choices,
I avoid doing the things, that once held me in bondage.

My past, my pain
My scars, my scourge
reminds me that without Christ,
Am on the verge of distraction,
A time bomb waiting to explode,
Without Christ I am incomplete.
I know I won`t leave this church,
without the memories of my past,
But i will leave, free from the chains,
that once bond me.

Today I trade my all, for the cup of salvation,
Only Christ gives.

@ Simply Stella

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