Just for fun.

Post your funny poetry here.
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Just for fun.

Post by Wilmas »

On the 21st of Liverpool
in the city of July.
The rain was snowing heavily
the streets were soaking dry.

I jumped into a tram car
to cross the Irish sea.
I asked the conductor to punch my ticket
She said that she'd punch me.

I fell in love with a Muslim girl
her name was Mary Jane.
She lived in Tippererry
a few miles out of spain.

Her father was a broker
he bought some Kangaroo.
He bought a ton of coal one night to feed the hungry crew.
The hungry crew took ill that night
and died the night before
To tell you all about it friends
I don't know any more. wlmas (Margaret) Copied.

I wonder if there is someone who could tell me how to get in touch with Jeff. I have tried but don't know if I am getting him. Thank you very much. God Bless. Margaret.
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Re: Just for fun.

Post by Hope »

This is so cute and funny. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. I will let Jeff know you want to talk to him.

God Bless You Love Eva
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Re: Just for fun.

Post by Wilmas »

Thank you Eva . Sending this using my new laptop. Boy it takes a wee while to get around what you need to do to get things up and running. Have a good day. Love Margaret.
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Post by JoseZGR »

Of course I dont mind you putting it in the poetry section Thais.
To be honest I wasnt quite sure where to put it.

Will it be OK if I put any more stories in this section
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