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Share Salvations Story

Post by Shirley Baucom » Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:24 pm

Share Salvation’s Story

O Lord, please guide my steps each day
And help me share Salvation’s story
Until I leave this world behind
And enter into Heaven’s glory.

Take my hand and lead me forward
On this journey here below.
Use me, Lord, to be a channel;
Through me let grace and mercy flow.

In my own strength, I’d surely fail
For I’d lean to my own stubborn way;
But if Your Spirit works though me
Your Love and Grace I will display

From Your Word I’ve learned many lessons
And now ask You, Lord, to help me know
The things I can do and the words to say
That will help me with others, Your love to show

May that Love work in me, dear Lord
Through the everyday things of life;
Guiding and helping me reach out to others
Who are suffering alone with pain and strife.

And if there’s a weary, struggling soul
Who is lost and needs Salvations story
May I be an instrument, O Lord and share
Your love, saving Grace, and Eternal Glory.

May they know the peace and assurance
That I have in my heart today
And the comfort, security and hope
That is mine and will never fade away.

Shirley Adcock Baucom © 4-14-18

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