The Park Bench Conversation

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The Park Bench Conversation

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The Park Bench Conversation

As I sat down on a park bench
An old man was wiping his tears
I asked "Is there anything I can do "
He said "no son,It's just been to many years

It's getting close to Christmas time
It was her favorite time of the year !
She left me so long ago, son
losing her was always my biggest fear

I come to this bench everyday
Like we did so many year ago
Feeding the birds and squirrels
Holding hands,oh how I miss her so !

I come to the park,young man
To get away from the city noise
All the honking, yelling and screaming
This is the only place I fine any joys

The four walls I call home
Are empty without her love
Though I know she's watching over me
From her Heavenly spot up above

Then the old man went silent
And the birds were all around
I asked "old man are you alright? "
But he never made a sound

I reached for his wrist
But no pulse was to be found
I called for him a squad
I knew right then, he was Heaven bound

I didn't know his name
But knew of his love for his wife
How he hung onto their every memory
That they made most of their life

Though the squad came and got him
And took straight to the funeral home
I just know he went to heaven
So he would never have to feel alone

I went back by that park bench
About a week later, I would say
The birds and squirrels were nowhere around
As If they had vanished or gone away

Everyone that heard this story
And met him said this was true
So I thought I'd write I down
Just hope It also blesses you

Merry Christmas

Written 12/14/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2017 Norman (All rights reserved)
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Post by Nelson#gentrt »

Number 1 is the most important

Why does it have to state what all men know and all women ought to know? After all they DO say they understand us men completely.
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