Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

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Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

Post by linda56 » Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:40 pm

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Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

Nestled in the depths of the forest, a young stallion was born
His fur was white as snow, as well as his extra long mane
He completely resembled his parents, who were the last two left
Remaining in the once secluded, land of unicorn domain!

The others had left a few months before, but they had decided to stay
They both wanted their little foal born here, in the valley of their home
Once it was a safe environment, where the unicorns dwelled without fear
Then humans invaded, making it impossible for them to freely roam!

They named their young stallion Freedom, a name that brought hope
They would follow the others, when he was much bigger and stronger
They had been given a new land, full of green pastures and meadows
A land far away with freedom to roam, without fear any longer!

As the days passed, Freedom was growing at a fast rate
His parents watched over him, never letting him get to far out of sight
They told him many stories about his ancestors, and their great protector
Who was coming to take them Home, when the time was just right!

They spoke of when he would grow up huge and strong, just like his father
They called him, their little Prince, whom they loved and adored
Many hours of the day were spent giving praise and thanks
To their great Protector and Creator of all living things, their Loving Lord!

The unicorns held beauty, beyond all others in the forest
God gave them much wisdom, the unicorns were truly made out of love
When he saw that their species was being hunted by man
He decided to take them to a safe place, His Home in Heaven Above!

One day while his mother was sleeping, Freedom decided to go exploring
His father had left earlier that day, to gather food in a pasture nearby
When he returned, there was no sign of Freedom anywhere
Both parents panicked, the search was on hoping to hear Freedom's cry!

Just as they got outside the valley, they heard voices
Human voices shouted, "There he is, Let's get him!"
Realizing the humans were after them, they turned to run
But ran right into a trap, that captured the both of them!

They put ropes on both the parents, which made it impossible to escape
They led them through the forests, laughing proudly at the unicorns
Capturing you means great rewards for us from our King
Wait till everyone sees you and those great mighty horns!

The parents were upset for letting themselves get captured
But they were more concerned about their little Prince Freedom
How would he survive alone in the forests without them
He was too young to be alone, without his parents love and wisdom!

Realizing that they may never see their little foal again,the parents cried out
Please, take care of our little baby, please protect him!
The parents had called upon their protector, their Lord in Heaven
Keep him safe from all harm, not a word about rescuing them!

Finally, after travelling for hours, the humans stopped for the night
They tied the unicorns to their horses and also to a tree
There was no way either could escape, which made them worried and sad
Reluctantly they settled down, the first time in their life, not being free!

Half way through the night, they heard a sound that woke them up
Standing beside them were two angels, that quietly untied the pair
All of a sudden, both the unicorns had big white beautiful wings
When they flapped them, both were lifted high up in the air!

Within minutes, they were in new surroundings, their new Home
The Lord had heard their cries unto Him and had set them free
But there was no sight of Freedom, anywhere to be found
Their precious little baby, "Where, Oh Where could he be?"

Meanwhile back on earth, Freedom was having the time of his life
In the meadows, he had met and made some new friends to play with
They had to be unicorns too, but they were black in color
He wondered, unicorns are supposed to be white, maybe thats a myth!

Freedom decided he better go home, saying he'd come back again to play
When he reached home, there was no sign of his mother anywhere
He called out to her but no answer, so he called his father
Father would hear his voice floating through the air!

It was starting to get dark now, Freedom was really scared
Where are my parents, where did they go?, he cried!
Then, he heard a male voice say Little one, What is wrong?
Before he knew it, a huge black stallion was standing, by his side!

When Freedom explained to the stallion, that his parents were missing
The old stallion replied, Come with me, I'll take you to my place!
Freedom was debating whether to go or not, but decided he better
After all, this stallion was definitely one of his race!

Everyday, Freedom returned to the valley but still no sign of his parents
Then unto the meadows, he trotted at full speed to see his friend
He looked in every direction along the way, calling out to his parents
But still no sign of them was to be seen, time and time again!

The days soon turned into months, Freedom was a fine young stallion now
The old stallion that took care of him was the leader of the herd
The old stallion knew that Freedom was a unicorn, not like the rest
He figured that his parents had been caught, but he said not a word!

Freedom had learned to love the old stallion, but still missed his parents
But he could not figure out why, they had left him all alone
Freedom was so grateful to the old stallion, for looking after him
The old stallion loved Freedom and thought of him as one of his own!

Freedom had always told his friends that he was a prince
But his friends laughed and teased him, A Prince Indeed, they would say
Princes don't have long white hair or that long horn in front of their head
Princes are handsome and strong, they don't have time to run and play!

But Freedom was indeed handsome and strong, and very smart
His only problem was that he still missed his loving parents, so much
Even though, he was a fine young stallion,all grown-up
He still missed the warmth of his parents loving touch!

He still went to the valley everyday and called for his parents
But this one day, something was different in the air
He kept on thinking about what his Mother had said
About the protector being his Lord and always there!

So he looked up to the sky and shouted at the top of his lungs
Protector, Oh Great Protector, Are you there?
Please, come and take me to my new home, to be with my parents
Protector, My Lord, please hear my prayer!

Freedom started to cry, Why protector, do you not come for me?
Why did you not take me home and leave me here all alone?
Just then, a bright light appeared in the sky above Freedom
A soft voice spoke saying Freedom, you have never been on your own!

I led you to the old stallion, who took good care of you
His family welcome you, loved you as part of theirs
I have watched you grow from a small foal, to a beautiful stallion
I have always been here by your side, in good and despair!

Your parents wanted you to grow to love the land, in which you were born
I have waited years for you to raise up your voice unto me
I have waited for you to call me, to take you Home, My Dear Prince
All you had to do was ask, and I would have come to thee!

Freedom felt so much love go into his heart, he had finally met his Creator
Lord, he asked, Will my parents be there waiting for me?
Yes, he replied. They are going to be amazed when they see you!
Come, Freedom; It's time to go and be as all Unicorns are meant to be, "Home, Running Free!"
Mark 12:13
And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

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Re: Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

Post by Brenda Pike » Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:22 pm

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Re: Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

Post by Sharlee » Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:01 pm

This is a fantastic story. I loved ready it for it was written beautifully. The message was intertwined within the story perfectly. This really is a great read for everyone. I shall share this with my granddaughter, she will love it. Thank you. You have a gift to write and it is one that blesses the reader. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory.

In His love,

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Re: Run Free, My Beautiful Unicorn!

Post by Hope » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:21 am

I really enjoyed this so much and I also saw so many wonderful messages in it.

God Bless You Love Eva

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