Fireflies Sharlee

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Fireflies Sharlee

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I sat on the back patio in my ole rocking chair to clear my head of all that was going on around me. I was overwhelmed and feeling very low. The night was so dark, not a star in the sky, no moon, no lights at all. I noticed a group of fireflies dancing through the air. Their light would come on but a second and then go off again. I sat memorized as they did their dance in front of me.

I thought about this and watched them. Their light shinned brightly for a second then went off again. I had to wonder was I like the fireflies. My light would shine brightly at times and then it was not shinning at all. Was I a lukewarm Christian? At times I felt safe and secure and satisfied with my walk in the Lord. Yet, when things turned around and troubles came, where was my light? I was usually busy doing this and that and would ware myself out. Did I ever give them to Jesus? Was I trying to do everything on my own?

I whispered a prayer to my Lord, “Oh Lord forgive me for pushing you aside and not letting you shine through me. Thinking I could do it by myself. Lord, I want to give it all to you for I am unable to handle this myself. Help me to do better and turn everything over to you. I see my short comings and ask that you do the leading and guiding in my life.”

I stood and once again watched the fireflies for a long while. How like God to use fireflies to show me the truth. “Thank you Lord.”

Sharlee 2014
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Re: Fireflies Sharlee

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I LOVE THIS! It really touched my heart today. God gave you a Wonderful message and I am so Happy you shared it. I know so many will be touched by this and I Pray a lot of eyes will be opened this really makes you think. It Truly made me think!

God Bless You Love You Eva
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Re: Fireflies Sharlee

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Dear Sharlee, I love this! I can see the Lord's sweetness all over it!! Such a neat contrast. I can almost hear our heavenly Father saying to you, "Thank you for listening to what I send. Thank you for loving Me that much, My daughter!!" :D -Happy Dawn
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