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Judith Johnson Kypta
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Please Help!

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I have sent "Petition" requests to all of my friends. This is in reference to my book that was published (7) years ago. . .

Many Authors have been cheated by this publisher, and the publisher is still making money from their works. I wrote this petition in hope to sway the courts to go after these crooks. . . Please sign after visiting the link, and reading what I have written. Then, pass it to your mail list. It will be greatly appreciated.

I have been working along with the Chief Editor and Owner of www.BazaarDailycom and if you go there, you can read past and future news on this Publishing house.
Thanks, Judie

Copy & Paste the address below

OR. . . Click Here
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Re: Please Help!

Post by Hope »

This is so sad I hope everything works out for everyone involved!
God Bless You Eva
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