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Already a member had to re-register

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I became a member of NetHugs July 31, 2006. When I tried to login today, I forgot my password and the email address that I signed up with originally is no longer in use. I moved and changed my internet from Sympatico to Rogers. My original poetry is posted under "snugglebugs" and I am trying to locate it so I can print copies of it. Is there anyway you can help me? I already have some of them printed off if you wanted me to send them to you to prove they are mine. I pray you can help me.

Thank you and God Bless

Donna Deyne

~ The human heart at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return ~
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Re: Already a member had to re-register

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Hi Donna. Please private message me your new e-mail address and I will reset your old account with a new password.
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