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This was given to me by our sweet Beverly when I first learned how to post graphics:

Here is the picture information for anyone interested in posting graphics with their write.
Go to Upload your picture.

Resize it (I usually use 300 width) and you can put a border around it or put sparkles on it and lots of other things. Just check out all the options you have listed there. Click on edit to find "create border" and click on "effects" to find all kinds of neat things you can do with your pictures. Once you have your picture the way you want it, right click on the picture and save it to your pictures giving it a file name. Go to and upload your picture into your album. After you have it uploaded, scroll down and you will see your picture. Beneath the picture will be a list of options. You want to click on the IMG code option. That will bring up a blue area next to it. Right click on the blue area and left click on "copy". Do not right click again until you are ready to post your picture. Go to wherever you are going to post your picture and right click and then left click the word "paste". That will post your picture. That's all there is to it.

Pictures can be stored by uploading them to a site like photo bucket ... =ush1-mail
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Thank you again Marlys! I am a little slow, but I get there eventually! (sorry) Okay, hopefully I can learn this, will try. You are appreciated by me!!! Here we go! -Dawn
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