Please Welcome Peggy Lee

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Please Welcome Peggy Lee

Post by DeaconSteve »

I don't get to do this very often as you all know, but please welcome Peggy Lee to our family here at Nethugs. Thank you, and Peggy, once again, welcome to our Family. Be blessed.
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Post by webmaster »

Welcome to NetHugs Peggy! I hope you will find your stay here a pleasant one.
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Post by Pokeypops »

A warm welcome to you, Peggy! You will enjoy your time spent here, my friend, as we are all a great big family, who each love one another. God bless you always,
Denise ~aka~ Pokey :wink:
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Post by DeaconSteve »

Oh Peggy Lee, I didn't scare you away I hope!!!!!!!! Come back to us, come back!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should make the print size bigger!!!! :D :D :wink:
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Post by Jeff Guest »

Welcome Peggy Lee!!! It's very nice to meet you!!! God Bless
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Post by ImSaved2 »

The warmest of Welcomes to Peggy Lee! I hope we get to become great friends!!!!!! Jeanette
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Welcome Peggy Lee

Post by wvhillbilly47 »

Hello and A Big Welcome!
We are so happy to have you as a part of our NetHugs family! May you come to know all of us, as you share with us, and we share with you!!!
There are so many wonderful people here, that you will never be lacking caring friends! Image

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Jacqueline Ramm
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Welcome Peggy Lee. This is a wonderful, supportive, friendly group of people. I hope you enjoy our company.
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Post by Happy Holmes »

Welcome Peggy Lee! I just joined this bunch of grapes: sweet to the last write. I love 'em already. Look forward to reading your stuff.
Happy Thoughts! -Dawn
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Post by redgirl »

Welcome Peggy Lee. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do. You will make a lot of friends here.

Love, Helayne
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Re: Please Welcome Peggy Lee

Post by Psyche »


Have a nice day! God Bless!
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