Please make Ashley feel welcome!!!

Post something about yourself here and meet friends.
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Please make Ashley feel welcome!!!

Post by ImSaved2 »

Please make Ashley feel welcome here at HUGS. She is my son, Matthew's, girl friend. She is just precious and we love her very very much! If he messes this one up he is in BIG trouble LOL!!!! Thank you! ((With Love)) Jeanette
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Janice Kennedy
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Post by Janice Kennedy »

Yes, I agree, You better treat her right, Matt, she is a real sweetheart. WELCOME TO Hugs Our Ashely. She goes by:
Ashley-Luvs-Matt. She has posted a love poem for him, in the love forum.

Love and Blessing Grandma Jan :D
:D :D


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Post by Pokeypops »

Welcome to net hugs, honey! You will find so many wonderful friends here. May God bless you always,
Denise ~aka~ Pokey :wink:
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Post by DeaconSteve »

Welcome to NetHugs Asley. WE will love and hugs you to pieces, and what's his name had better treat you right. Sorry, I mean Matthew! But Matthew wanted me to give you something, so here it is, it's from him whether he knows it or not!!!!!!!


Be blessed.
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Post by wordworx »

Greetings, and welcome to NetHugs, Ashley!

I don't know why everyone seems ready to ride herd on Matthew, but this is a fun place, and everyone pretty much minds their manners. So we're not really concerned about that.

We'll be looking forward to your contributions, so don't be shy now!

Roy Running in Circles 8)
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B Lawyer
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Hi, Ashley.....WELCOME TO NETHUGS!!!!! We dearly love Jeanette and her terrific mom, I know we all are going to love you!!!!! We are pretty easy to get to know. I am looking forward to reading the love poem you wrote for Matt. I'll bet it is wonderful. Hope to be reading many more of your poems. WELCOME TO THE NETHUGS FAMILY!!!!!

May God bless you and always hold you close to His heart.

Love You,

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Jeff Guest
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Post by Jeff Guest »

Hi Ashley!!! You are very talented!!! I just read your wonderful poem and it's just beautiful!!!
Jacqueline Ramm
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Post by Jacqueline Ramm »

Hi Ashley, welcome to Net Hugs. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. I hope you enjoy this group - it really is a special group of people.
Happy Holmes
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Post by Happy Holmes »

Welcome Ashley! I'm new too, but everyone here is extrey special, very
kind and warm. Look forward to reading what's on your heart. -Dawn
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thabk u

Post by Ashley-luvs-Matt »

thank u everybody 4 welcoming me.I hope u guys enjoy my poems.I enjoys ur guyses!! :D
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Post by Cayorin »

Hi! Welcome Ashley! I don't write poetry, but I do love to read it. Looking forward to reading more of yours.
Happy Holmes
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Post by Happy Holmes »

Hi Ashley, where'd ya go? Sure would love to hear some of your poetry, or just from your heart. Sincerely, Dawn
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a.j lover
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Post by a.j lover »

love having another teen on here.
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Re: Please make Ashley feel welcome!!!

Post by imfallingleaf »

Welcome Ashley! I hope you will like it here! I'm FallimgLeaf, and I look forward to reading your poems. Have fun!.....FallingLeaf :)
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