~~Never Say Never~~

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Shirley Shaw
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~~Never Say Never~~

Post by Shirley Shaw » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:10 pm

Don't ever say never,
cause you may very well end up;
with some, or many regrets.
You may also find yourself,
eating your own words.

Don't ever think that the unexpected,
cannot, or will not, happen to you;
cause it can and will, if you do.
Sadly, believing that,
the hands of fate will test you, at best.

Never think that you are exempt,
from anything happening to you;
especially when you least expect it.
I have seen living proof,
of what happens to those who do.

So sad, but true.
Life can really grab you,
and torment the best of us;
just when we think we are all above,
any, or all of it.

(Written by-Pastor Shirley ann shaw)...

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