Underneath This Midwest Sky

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Underneath This Midwest Sky

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Underneath This Midwest Sky

Underneath this midwest sky
The owl gives a hoot as the coyote cry

The moon rises up with a blanket of stars
Showing us, we're being watched from afar

Off in the distance a whipperwill you'll hear
Boasting to all his love loud and clear

Out in the meadows deer graze along
Always aware of the danger,oh so strong

Everything feeds by the phase of the moon
From the fish, to deer, to the raccoon

Mankind wonders as he watches the sky
Just how everything works,often wonders why

Farmers work their fields under that sky
From planting to harvesting as days go by

Off in the distance, you'll hear a train whistle blow
With thousands pounds of steel always on the go

Sometimes lovers sneak a drive down lovers lane
Under that blanket of stars, love drives them insane

Yes, underneath this midwest sky
These things never change, no one knows why

If you get a chance step out and take a peak
You'll be surprised the things you hear or see

Written 9/26/2022 by Norman Hale
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