Nature's Playground

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Nature's Playground

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Nature's Playground

Up through the treetops
Jumping from limb-to-limb
The Squirrels are running
Playing catch me if you can

The birds are singing
As the sun begins to come up
And out of an old hollow log
Comes out some coyote pups

The squirrels spot a deer
Down there on the ground
They move in a bit closer
As the do their squacking sound

Over across the woods
A woodpecker chips away
And the turkey gobbles
At the beginning of a new day

Then the distant drumming
As a grouse struts to his mate
The woods is full of joys
It’s the outside world that’s full of hate

Chipmunks run for cover
As they sound off their alarm
Something moved in the woods
Always a chance for some harm

This time it’s a false alarm
It was the coyote pups at play
Now the sun comes on up
Lighting up a brand new day

Written 8/13/21 Written by Norman Hale Jr.
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