Shirley Baucom Prayer Requesta

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Shirley Baucom
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Shirley Baucom Prayer Requesta

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With great sadness I request prayer for my family during this time and the days ahead. My precious daughter. Debbie. went to be with the Lord Friday evening after an eight month battle with cancer. We know she is in heaven with Jesus whom she loved from the time she was saved as a small girl and has served him all her life . God has been with her through this journey and though she lost the battle with cancer, God used her wonderful faith and loving heart that reached out to others during this difficult time, leaving behind a wonderful witness to His great love. Family, friends, doctors, nurses, everyone around her have been blessed by her gracious smile and concern for everyone else even when she was tormented with pain.
Please pray for us that we may honor the Lord as we celebrate the life of this wonderful person He gave us to love, and give Him the praise for what she contributed to all our lives. I also ask prayers for peace and comfort for all the health providers who worked so hard to fight her cancer, really cared about her and were so saddened that it wasn't possible for them to do. Jesus is with her in heaven and He's with all of us I know.
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Re: Shirley Baucom Prayer Requesta

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Let us all, remember the promises of our own,...Resurrection!...

For, it is on that Day-and-Hour,...that; we shall be espoused, to the Son-of-God!... Unspeakable riches in Glory, await those who-believe. As well, those whom we love so dearly,...will be there, standing; with ("ARMS-WIDE-OPEN")!... Amen.

Let us, never despair. For, we are those who see clearly beyond,...Death's-Toll... Yes, a necessary lesson for us all. When all is said and done, much will have been learned... Yes, lessons of which we will take with us,...into our, eternal-tomorrows!...

So, let our tears be of real-joy!... As pilgrims, passing through this present system-of-things,...soon; we shall reach, our final destination. The very Throne of Almighty-God!... Where, it is there,...that, Love-Stands!... Amen.

Your Friend,
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