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Good Morning All and Welcome. It has been months since anyone has done the service in here so I thought I would have a go at it. I realize that there are many people out there that cannot get out to church for some reason or another. When brother Doug was well, he kept this going week after week and I know you all miss him as I do. I have not heard how he is doing but I pray that he is coming along. Our prayers have always been with him and will continue to do so. Anyhow, I decided to set up a service for this week and we will see how it goes. As most of you know, I am not a minister but I am a firm
believer in our Heavenly Father. I hope you all enjoy the service and post your opinions as to what you would like more of. I don't mind criticism, how am I to learn if I don't get any?
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Lord, You're Holy By Prestonwood Choir and Orchestra ... ture=share

Opening Prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please be with us today as we try and bring your Word to those who cannot get out to hear it. May what we say here today will Bless all those who read it and bring some comfort to those who truly need it. We pray that some of this will reach out and touch the heart of someone. In Jesus Name, we humbly pray, Amen.

A Poem By Eva Dimel:

I'm Here For You

If your having a bad day, and you don’t know what to do,
I promise as your friend I’ll always be here for you.
When your sad or feeling lonely like no one even cares,
Pick up the phone and call me there’s so much that we can share.
I can reassure you that the rain will stop and the sun will shine again,
God made you so very special and I’m so blessed that you’re my friend.
I’ll be your shoulder you can cry on and the hug you really need,
I will stay with you till your ok I promise you I will not leave.
Down on my knees my prayers will pour out as I lift your name up to God,
Asking Him to take good care of you no matter where you trod.
I’ll bring you flowers and we’ll sit and talk and laugh for a little while,
And I know that you’ll feel better I know I’ll even see you smile.
Never forget how much your loved no matter what your going through,
For you have a friend who cares and lets you know I’m here for you.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By God

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The foundation has been laid. It's up to youas to whether or not you want to fulfil the plans for you that Our Heavenly Father has made.
Ever climb a hill only to discover at the bottom of the next hill, a much larger hill awaited you. As life passes by you....are you rushing through these hills or are you taking your time and taking in your surroundings in full view?
When you climb one hill, have you learned anything from the previous one? Did someone reach out to you or did you reach out and touch someone's heart along the way? Or was it just a passing of time for you, caught up in the everyday rush?
Next hill you climb, stop and take notice. There is a lesson to be learned from each hill in our life that we come upon. Be aware or your surroundings. That homeless man you ignored on the street begging for food, would it actually hurt you to go and buy him a cup of hot coffee and a sandwich? Or are you too embarrassed to be seen associating with someone of such lower class? We are all equal in God's eyes! Yet, most people tend to forget that!
There are lots of people out there in need. Everywhere you look, someone needs something or is hurting in some way. Perhaps, it may take only a smile to brighten ones day or just a kind word or two to make them feel better.
Kindness is the word. No matter what you do or say kindness is what everyone wants. No one wants rude and unkind words thrown or tossed at them. If you were the receiver of these harsh words, you would not like it!
Always think before you speak. You never know how deeply your unkind words can hurt the person you are speaking to. Jesus was kind to everyone around Him. Remember, He hears your unkind words and they are written down as bad deeds!
Even though sometimes , you may think your unkind words are setting someone straight, because you may be more knowledgeable about some things, this is not the case. It does not work this way, you have belittled that person in front of others and hurt their feelings. Is this an act of kindness that God would approve of?

The greatest commandment of all that Jesus proclaimed was to Love One Another As I Have Loved You. When you love someone, you are kind to them. I do not believe that it is written in the Bible to Love Someone is To Be Unkind To Them!

I hope and pray that you all get the message that I am trying to put across here.



Lord Jesus, You Are Always There.
To Listen And Let Us Know, You Care.
Jesus . We Need Your Presence Day By Day
Day or Night, We Can Come To You And Pray.

So Comforting To Know You Take Us By The Hand,
Teach Us The Right Way, To Live At Your Command
You Strengthen Us When We Feel Ever So Weak.
When We Listen Carefully, We Can Hear You Speak.

I Feel Safe And Secure With Your Wonderful Love,
I look Forward To Be With You In Heaven Above,
In Your Time Not Ours Lord, Angels We Shall Be
Passed Loved Ones Waiting, What Joy There will Be.

Until That Day Comes Lord, We Must Continue To Live
According To Your Teaching, Including To Forgive.
Live By Example, As All Christians Should Strive To Do,
Christianity In Action Showing How Much, We Love You.

Thank You Lord Jesus For Letting Us Share.
We Praise You Lord Jesus For Always Being There.
To Nurture Each One Of Us, As Only You Can,
Lord Jesus We Love You,And Need To Follow Your Plan.


Written By:
Doug Holt

I hope you all enjoyed todays service. Many thanks to those who have participated today. We will close in Prayer and then a final hymn. May you all have a Blessed week and May God Be With You In Your Travels.


I said a prayer for you today,
For God’s results in every way.
For only He knows what you need ,
In Him I trust and truly believe.
I asked Him to always be there for you,
And help you with whatever your going through.
The sickness the trials and all your fears,
I prayed for God’s results because He truly cares.
With just one touch of His healing hands,
God can restore your life for you again.
I prayed for plenty of mercy and lots of grace,
For all the things that you have to face.
And as He showers you with all of His love,
I pray your blessed with
God’s results from heaven above.

Written By Eva Dimel
Inspired By
July 14th 2013

CLOSING HYMN: By Broadway Church
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Post by Hope »

I LOVED this and what A Wonderful thing you did putting this all together and sharing it with so many. You truly are one of Gods Special Angels right here on earth.

God Bless You Love Eva
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Linda, I am sure that it took a lot of courage to do this, and you are to be commended for such a gift of self to us all. Your love for our Lord is quite evident in what you share here today, and I too have been blessed by your words. Yes, there is much unkindness in this world, and God calls each of us to be His servant, to share the good news of His love and forgiveness, which entails being kind to each person that we meet, no matter how we meet them. May our dear Lord continue to speak to your heart as you continue in this ministry. My love and prayers, and friendship. God bless.
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