Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

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Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

Post by Hope »

Linda Labolt really needs our Prayers, they think she has Cancer and they are doing a scan on her head she is scared like we would all be. But we all know the Great Physician and how Prayers are answered. Thank you all I know she will really appreciate your Prayers! Love You Eva
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Janice Kennedy
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Re: Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

Post by Janice Kennedy »

Thank you for letting us know about this, Dear Eva.
You and Linda both can be reassured that I will be praying for her
and for her family.

GLYASDI, Jan ))(( ))(( )))((( )))(((
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Brenda Pike
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Re: Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

Post by Brenda Pike »

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Oh dear sweet Linda, I'm so sorry to hear you're ill and I pray that God's healing hands will bring you through good health. God Bless you dear friend. Love Brenda

Thanks Eva for alerting us of Linda illness. GLYASDI, Brenda
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Re: Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

Post by webmaster »

Thank you for informing us. I am sad to hear the news. She and her family is in my prayers.

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Re: Prayer Request For Linda Labolt

Post by izzyfalcon »

Heavenly-Father!,...we come to You; holding the Hands of Your Son, (our Christ-Jesus)!...

With His stripes, we were Healed!... Lord, we must all believe this, be True!... The word, "Disease"; literally means, to be without; "Ease"... Father, send the Holy-Spirit; to touch Ms. Linda's body. Convict her, with its presence; assure her, she's not alone and that all that occurs in this Life, for our better-good. Ease, her Spirit, knowing; that Your Son, went meekly to the Cross,...for; all those, whom will believe, be Healed!... Give her, Your Peace,...Father!... The very same Peace, Your Son; thru the Holy-Spirit,...showers us all: with. And finally, God; let Your will, be done,...not ours. May we humble ourselves, in realizing Your Supremeness; and in recognizing that, we shall overcome all of our trials and testing: Oh',...if only, we Believe!".... Amen.

Your Friend,
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