With A Full Moon Above Us

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With A Full Moon Above Us

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With A Full Moon Above Us

With a full moon above us
And those stars in your eyes
With this passion in your arms
Love comes at no surprise

With snow on the ground
We’ll sit by the open fire
Tell me what you want, dear
What’s your hearts desire

As we sit here holding hands
I feel your heartbeat race
Who could ever say no
To that smile upon your face

The longer we sit here,dear
Our hearts beat as one
We both have the feeling
This love will never be done

As I reach in my pocket
It’s a box I must find
With a ring for your finger
I just have to make you mine

As you look at the box
Your eyes sparkle like the fire
I’m waiting for a YES
To come from your heart's desire

As you whisper those words
And tears fall down your face
I can see you already my dear
All dressed up in your dress and lace

There is but only one reason
For these things that I do
But you may never know
Just how much I LOVE YOU

Written 1/5/2022 by Norman Hale
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