~ Nana Claus ~

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~ Nana Claus ~

Post by Janice Kennedy » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:33 am


~Nana Claus ~

Young Ricky and little Annie were now at the front of the line.
They had been waiting for over an hour to see Santa Claus.
Their 17 year old baby-sitter, Penny had left them there.
She had gone off with a couple of friends to wander around
the festive decorated mall. Santa said to Ricky, "Young man
would you come up here and sit on my knee?" Ricky said,"
May I please bring my little sister, Annie with me?" "Ho Ho Ho,"
said Santa," Of course you, May."

Annie was very small and timid, so Mrs. Santa helped her
to sit on Santa's other knee. Santa said, "Tell me your name
young man." He said, "My name is Ricky and this is my little
sister, Annie. She is very timid you see."

Santa said, "Neither one of you have anything to fear from me.
Now tell me Ricky, what would you like for me to bring you and
Your little sister for Christmas?" "We really don't want much in the way of
toys Santa," Ricky said. "Maybe a truck for me and a pretty dolly
for Annie. There is one thing we both want most of all. Everyone we
know all has a wonderful Nana. All Annie and I have is Momma and
Penny, a neighbor girl to watches after us; when Momma is at work."

"Penny is young and she doesn't know a lot of stuff, like a Nana would know.
Momma is mostly always tired from working so hard.
We need a Nana, who knows how to tell stories and bake cookies
and nice things like that," said Ricky." Wow," said Santa,
"That is an amazing wish that you have there Ricky.
Can you tell me what else you would like for a Nana to
be able to do; for you and Annie, too"

"Oh, I can think of so many wonderful things a Nana could do.
She should have a lovely singing voice and be able to sing to us.
That would be very nice, and to be able to tell us stories about
when she was a little girl. One that would sit on the floor and play
with us, with trucks, blocks and other fun stuff." said Ricky.

Then, Santa turned to Annie and ask her, "Annie is there anything
that you would like for a Nana to do with you?" Oh yes, cried little Annie,"
I want a Nana who will hold me on her lap, hug me tight and rock with me
in Momma's big rocking chair. I really would like a Nana that would tuck me
in at night and help me to learn how to says my prayers, before I go to sleep.
One that would leave a little light on, when it was all scary and oh so dark.
A Nana that would sit by my bed if there were a noisy scary storm that made
things bump against the house and frighten me."

Little Annie said, "Is it alright to ask for more things that a Nana could do?"
Santa told her, "Yes, you may. What else would you like for a Nana to be able to
do for you?" Annie said, " Santa I would please like to have a Nana, that will kiss
all of my boo-boo's and one that knows how to sew, too. A Nana that would play
house with me and won't always make me be the baby, like Penny does when she
sometimes plays with me. I would like to be the momma sometimes, too. Mostly
Penny won't even play with me anyway, all she does
is watch T.V. or talk on the phone to her boy-friend, Eddie."

Santa said, "Be good little children, help your mamma and I will see
what I can do, to provide a Nana for the both of you."

That evening after supper, Papa Claus and Mama Claus were
enjoying a nice warm cup of cocoa with Papa Claus's sister,
Clara Claus. They were discussing the days events at the mall.
They were telling Clara about what some of the children
had ask for. When Santa was explaining all about what
Ricky and Annie wanted in a Nana, Clara got very excited. She said,
" Oh brother I can do all of those things. I would love to be their Nana.
Is it at all possible for you to move me right next door to them? Then arrange
for us to meet, so that I can become their Nana?"

Clara continued to say, " You know that I never married after
my fiance' Richard was killed in that horrible accident. I've never
had children or grandchildren of my own. Brother dear, you know
that I can do it and I would love to be a Nana. Please will you try
to make the arrangements for this to happen?" By then both
Papa and Mama Claus had become very excited about Clara
being a Nana for Ricky and little Annie ! Papa Claus said,
" I will check everything out, first thing tomorrow and see if I can."

Clara was so excited she could hardly sleep that night.
Having her 2 very own grandchildren was a dream come true
for her. As she tossed and turned through the night, she
wondered what Ricky and Annie looked like. They both
sounded so sweet to her. She had been retired from her teaching
career, for a few years now and she was thinking it would be
the most perfectly wonderful thing for her to be able to do
at this time.

Clara finally went to sleep. She awoke a little later than
her usual time, as she had been so restless doing the night.
She had no longer finished her shower and a light breakfast,
when her phone right. It was her brother, Santa. Good morning
he said to her. Then he went on to say, "Can you come over
right away? I have some things I need to discuss with you."
Clara replied, "Sure, I'll be right there, just give me 30 minutes."

Clara was very careful as she drove over to her brother's.
The roads where slick from ice. It had been a cold and snowy
winter so far this year. When Clara knock on the door, it opened
right a way. It was Mama Claus, she warmly invited Clara in.
She led her straight into Papa Claus's office. Her brother ask
her to have a chair. She was really wanting to hear about what
her brother had been able to find out. He turned to her and said,
"it all seem to be good news, so far. I have only a couple of more
things to check on." At the news that everything was good so far,
both Clara Claus and Mama Claus were even more excited than
they were the night before.

After making 2 quick phone calls, Papa Claus again turned towards
them, wearing a really big smile. "It is all set" he said, "I have made
all of the arrangements for you to be able to move in right next door
to them, in just 7 more days." As he looked at Clara, he said, "You
better get to packing sister." Clara said, "Wow." Then got up and gave
her brother a great big hug. " Thank you so much, you have not only
gave Ricky and Annie their Christmas wish, you have given me mine, too."
said Clara. I will start packing right away, It should take me only a couple
of days." Santa said, " That's great, as you will need a couple of days for traveling."

Clara arrived at the airport in plenty of time to check her baggage. All of her other
things have been shipped the day before. Her belongs would get there the same day
that she did. A moving van would deliver everything right to her new house. They
would have it all unload and ready to move it in for her, just as she arrived at the house.
Santa had planned out everything so very well for her. She would have very little to do,
except for unpacking. He had even made sure that her car had been delivered for her.

After she had settled in, she drove to the store to do some grocery shopping. She wanted to
be sure she would have everything that she would need for Christmas baking. She already
knew that Ricky and Annie liked chocolate chip cookies. She was an excellent cook and
planned on making a basket of Christmas goodies to take to them. She thought that would
be a good way to start getting acquainted with them. She spent the rest of the day baking so
many different tasty treats. Her new home smelled so good, after all of that baking.

The next evening, she took a large basket and filled it with all kinds of wonderful goodies. She
took it next door and rang the door-bell. Soon a very tired looking lady came to the door. Clara
introduced herself, and told her she had baked some Christmas goodies that she would like to
share with her, as she was her new neighbor. Sarah invited her in. She led her into the kitchen
where Ricky and Annie were just finishing up with their supper. Sarah introduced her to, her two
children. She told them that Clara was their new neighbor and have baked some goodies to share
with them for Christmas.

Sarah said, " When you finish all of your supper, you may have some." Sarah then ask Clara, " Would
you please have a seat?" Clara sat down. She told Sarah, "What lovely and well behaved children you have.
Sarah said, " Thank you very much, it has been very hard for the 3 of us since their dad passed away.
Just today, I found out that the young girl who has been caring for them while I am at work is moving
away. I just don't know what I am going to do. Reliable child care is so expensive and so hard to find.

Clara said, "Now that is something that I might be able to help you with. Since I retired I have had a lot of free
time on my hands. I have been thinking about getting a part time job. I have references, too. How soon will you be
needing someone?" Sarah said, " Today and tomorrow are my days off of work, I get two days off every 2 weeks.
I will need someone day after tomorrow, for sure. Do you think you can come over tomorrow and spend some time
with Ricky and Annie before I have to go to work, so that they will have a little time to get acquainted with you and
bring your references, too?"

Clara said, "What time would you like for me to be here?" Sarah told her, " Would 10 in the morning be okay with you?
You could stay for lunch, too" "That is a good time for me.", Clara said. " I should be leaving now, I'll see you at 10 in
the morning, then."

The next morning right at 10 Clara was ringing Sarah's door-bell again. Sarah invited her right in. She said, "Come on into
the living room and have a seat." Both Ricky and little Annie were in there. The first thing Ricky said was, " Thank you so
very much for all of the wonderful goodies you brought to us yesterday. All of them are so good. Chocolate chip cookies are
my favorite, you sure know how to make them taste good." Clara said, " Why you are welcome Ricky." Then she asked,
" do you like them too, Annie?" Annie replied, " Yes ma'am I sure do, I love chocolate chip cookies too. Your peanut butter
cookies are real good, too."

I am so glad you both like them, but you don't have to call me Ma'am, you can call me Nana, if you would like, " said Clara.
When Clara said that, Annie started to cry. Everyone all said at the same time, "What is the matter Annie, why are you so sad?
" As soon as Annie was able to speak she said, " I'm not sad, I am so happy, I couldn't help but cry. Those are happy tears."
Sarah said, " What has made you so happy, Annie?" "Why Momma can't you see?" said Annie. "She is Santa's gift to me and Ricky!'
She jumped up and ran over and gave Clara a great big hug!

Janice J. Kennedy

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Re: ~ Nana Claus ~

Post by Brenda Pike » Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:26 pm

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Re: ~ Nana Claus ~

Post by B.J.Morbitzer » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:49 pm

Dear Jan.,
What a wonderful Christmas story.
I really just loved this write story you posted here my friend. :)
Thank you for sharing this one for all of us.

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Re: ~ Nana Claus ~

Post by Hope » Mon Dec 17, 2012 2:33 pm

You are A Wonderful story writer I will have to share this with my grandsons they will Love it! I know I really enjoyed reading it I know there is still a big kid in me that loves Happy Endings.

God Bless You Love Eva

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Re: ~ Nana Claus ~

Post by DeaconSteve » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:24 pm

A very good story Jan. Maybe you should write a book of short stories. Better yet, apply for a Nanna position some place. O, but you are probably both a Granny and a Nanna already. Who are those in the pictures? I really like the pictures also. Well done me friend. God bless.
Live today as if it were your last, for tomorrow it will be your past, but live it with peace in mind, joy to find, and for God divine!

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Janice Kennedy
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Re: ~ Nana Claus ~

Post by Janice Kennedy » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:19 pm

Thank you everyone for both your kind and generous comments.
I love a story with a happy ending. With things being the way they are in our world today,
we need more happy endings. I don't know who those are in the photos, Steve. They were
take at a local Mall.

GLYASDI, Jan ))(( )))(((
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