Post your Christian poetry here.
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Raquel,what a fantastic and beautiful poem,the message within speaks volumes to the heart.We must never give up but keep on holding on.Just like Job Joseph suffered for 12 years without feeling blessed by God but he knew in his heart God was faithful and look what God did for him and Job in the end.
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Your poem Racel is so insipiring...Job did have it hard but faith in Jesus pulled him through....just like nowadays..we must also concentrate on your poem states and our lives will be indeed worthwhile even through times of strife
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Beautiful poem, Raquel!! Enjoyed it very much!
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Wow Raquel what a work of art this is!!! I love it and the message, God always pulls us through and He always will!!! Bravo!!!
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I could feel the presence of your pain and longing for God's healing hand. You are strong Sis, and He will never let you down or abandon you. We do have trials, pain, and much suffering (in many forms), and the power of faith and trust in the Master, and the payers of those who love you so much, and you are loved so very much, will find their way to Him. He holds you so dearly in the palm of His hand, and He won't let you go. This is an awesome poem with such an inspirational message that we can all benefit by it, and I am also sure, relate to it. Thank you for the gift of who you are, for that gift makes us better people for having know you. Love you twin sister.

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What a wonderful poem...
Brings much wisdom and inspiration to light...
Enjoyed reading it very much....
Thank You for posting...

God Bless and Take Care,
Misty Rose
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"Love it,TuningIntoGod'

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Wow,Raquel;what a beautiful',poem. I found it ,very 'inspiring',and very-heartfelt'. Great-Words, of Wisdom,to remind us all,to live by ....Love,Your Friend,Shirley ann shaw-raytown,mo.64133...."God Bless you,Always'..................(The Truth Shall Set Us Free)............ :D
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