I Stand With Jesus

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I Stand With Jesus

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I Stand With Jesus

I stand with Jesus
Though at times I seem a lone
I’m not on sinking sand
I stand here on His mighty stone

Some may turn their back
But, my Jesus knows my heart
Each time I pray to him
His love and me will never part

I stand with Jesus
Though some try my faith at times
Trying to get things by me
Little do they know, He’s here all the time

Some try to judge me
Putting their noses where they don’t belong
Never minding their own business
Doing things even though it’s very wrong

I stand with Jesus
Even on days not so bright
I’ll always stick with Jesus
He’ll always be my guiding light

Yes,I stand with Jesus
Some say I won’t last long
But, as long as I stand with Jesus
I’ll be going right, and feeling strong

Written 1/12/2022 by Norman Hale
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