With His Love

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With His Love

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With His Love

With just His ears
He hears our every prayer
Waiting there very patiently
With love, because He cares

He has His Angels there
To be there on His call
To come to our rescue
Should we ever fall

He sits there on His Throne
Waiting for the time to be right
Before He calls each one Home
Up there in Heaven so bright

As He listens to the prayers
There’s a smile upon His face
Knowing there’s another soul
Saved to come home to grace

His arms are wide open
Always filled with His love
Waiting to give us all a big hug
There on each shoulder sits a dove

Yes, He’s sitting right there
Waiting to each of our prayers
To send us His precious love
So we’ll know how much He cares

Written 1/17/2022 by Norman Hale
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