Make Me A Blessing

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Make Me A Blessing

Post by Shirley Baucom » Mon Apr 29, 2019 3:29 pm

Make Me A Blessing

Dear Lord, may Your precious Holy Spirit
Help me this day to say and do
Things that reflect Your loving grace
Inspiring others around me to trust in You.

May they sense Your mighty arms of love
Reaching out, guiding, making me strong;
Lifting me up to walk by Your side
As You take my burdens and give me a song.

May lost, lonely people see Jesus in me
And know He’s there for each of them.
That they can trust His love and grace
And give their hearts and souls to Him.

He’ll welcome with loving, outstretched arms
All who will accept His saving grace
He’ll dwell within, providing their needs,
And fight each battle they may have to face.

Thank You for the gift of salvation, dear Lord
And for the blessing of sharing with others.
With Your Spirit guiding me every day
May I be a blessing to my sisters and brothers
Shirley Adcock Baucom ©3-28-19

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