Forever I'll Praise the Lord

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Forever I'll Praise the Lord

Post by Shirley Baucom » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:02 pm

Forever I’ll Praise the Lord

I’ll praise my dear Savior, forever and ever,
Jesus, my Shepherd, my Refuge, my Light!
He loves me! He keeps me! And makes me victorious
When I’m trusting in Him, my battles He’ll fight.

He’s worthy of praise every day of my life
For He’s promised to never leave me alone.
He guards and protects me wherever I go
When in danger or need, He cares for His own.

Oh, there can be times when the day seems long
And worries and problems make me weary;
As the sunshine is hidden as storm clouds appear
And the sky has become dark and dreary.

But Jesus is with me when my days are troubled
A Guide watching o’er me through the darkest night
He’s my Refuge, my Shelter in the angry storms…
Praise the Lord! He’s my Shepherd and He is my Light.

Forever I’ll praise the Lord Jesus, my Savior
For salvation, compassion, and everlasting love.
That saved me a sinner, lost and unworthy
And prepared me a home up in heaven above.

I pray I’ll be faithful and serve Him daily
And be a witness and help others to see;
How they can have these wonderful blessings
That through Jesus, God our Father has given to me.
Shirley Adcock Baucom © 4-22-19

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