The Mighty, Loving Hand of God

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The Mighty, Loving Hand of God

Post by Shirley Baucom » Thu Apr 25, 2019 12:57 pm

The Mighty, Loving Hand of God

In the loving hand of my Almighty God,
I can face each day with a joyful heart;
Trusting that Jesus is always with me
Moment by moment His love to impart.

Whether it’s a glorious, sun filled day
Or dark and gloomy with clouds and rain,
Every moment, each hour is in God’s Hand
And trusting in Him, I cannot complain.

Lightning may flash, and fierce winds blow
But I can rejoice that I’m never alone;
For no matter how dark or stormy the day
My God in His mercy takes care of His own.

Even when my day's filled with sickness or sorrow
And each and every hour seems so hard to face;
I sense the Lord’s Hand reaching out in love
And I’m wrapped in His arms of comfort and grace.

So, as I trust the Hand of my loving God,
Secure in this world I forever will be;
For whenever I’m needy or ever in trouble
His mighty hand will be there, reaching for me.

Shirley Adcock Baucom ©4-22-19

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