It's Easy To Drift

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It's Easy To Drift

Post by Shirley Baucom » Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:39 am

It’s Easy to Drift

I’ve learned that it’s easy to drift from God’s Word
And find myself spending less time in prayer
That it results in a weakened, faltering faith
And leads to complacency and often, despair.

When I'm not daily, walking close to the Lord;
Not reading His Word and spending time in prayer;
An emptiness falls o’er me, and I am weakened;
And find I’m unable, with others to share.

In my weakness I learn I have nothing to give
As I’m struggling and trying to do things myself.
But thank God His Spirit really lets me know
That the place for my Bible is not on a shelf

When I pick up my Bible, getting back in God’s Word
I am seeking His will, and not my own way.
Through His Word I am fed, and my heart is inspired
To be a blessing to others as I serve Him and pray

Oh, praise the Lord for His written Word!
May it instruct and bless our lives every day.
Shirley Adcock Baucom ©4-22-19

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