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He Knows No Strangers

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:48 am
by norman
He Knows No Strangers

He knows no strangers
Not you nor even I
He knows all we do
Under Heavens starry sky

He hears our prayers
Though we have our doubts
We praise His name
Each time we sing,no doubt

He knows all we do
Though we don't see Him there
He's always walking with us
Leading us His way because He cares

He leads us to righteousness
On life's twisted roads and paths
It can be a jungle out there
Without his love for our maps

Some search for His signs everyday
Waiting for His helping hand for sure
As they pray for changes in their life
Always waiting for His love oh so pure

To many begin to have their doubts
When things don't go their way
Never understanding It's already planned
He's just waiting to watch them pray

Yes,He knows no stranger
After all he created us all
Only He shall know the very hour
When it comes He knows who's names to call

Until that time we must live for Him
Sharing His love the best we know how
For at that time it will be to late
to make things right no matter what we bestow

Written 9/11/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)