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Posted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:06 pm
by Rita Biesemans

Mary, I come to you in my distress,
I’m craving for some sweetness
I’m standing under a loaded fig tree
waiting for a ripe fig to fall on me

Life has been less than easy
it often has been very cheesy
but actually why should I complain
I’m not the only creature in pain

I’m lighting for you a little candle
while I’m hiding under your mantle
it’s such a great feeling of safety
nobody able to mock or hate me

You keep inviting me to find refuge
your immaculate heart is a deluge
of love, warmth, motherly blessing
you want to stop all my stressing

Never was a human heart so broken
as Yours, oh Mary, I take it as a token
to offer you my pains and sorrows
you, my hope for better tomorrows

I will remember you and your Son
the life He gave me is not done
I’ll follow more and more His Path
even if it rouses the devil’s wrath

Rita Biesemans, April 3 2017