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Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:15 pm
by Rita Biesemans
(I realize this ain't a poem but I have no clue where else I could share this story with my NetHugs companions : Shirley Baucom,Hope and so many others.)

Eating pork a sin, so is eating milky stuff together with meat as to the Jewish Kashrut.
I like to tell my ice cream story. When living in Jerusalem, my husband and I (we are both MESSIANIC JEWS still respecting the Jewish food laws) went for dinner to our favorite restaurant. I was craving for apple pie like they only had at that place, but we were short of money, end of the month. After eating the "meat" I ordered 2 ice creams while my husband went to the bathroom. Back @ the table he said : "I'm not eating any milk product after eating meat, you know you have to wait hours between meat and milk". I said ok give me yours I'll eat both. The first scoop I took I got something very sharp and choky in my mouth. Lo and behold it was a piece of glass. My husband said : "you see God punished you for not observing the Law" and he went to the manager to complain. I was embarrassed for that because he didn't do that on purpose I said. But my husband replied : "what if you would have swallowed it you being pregnant! " Ok the manager comes to the table apologizing and saying that the dinner was on the house and more even "choose whatever you want". I said ok : "I take the apple pie please." He gave us an enormous apple pie the biggest he had to take home. I said to my husband : "tell me who do you think God favored.":o):o) Riki (Rivka)