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Post by clawson8 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:22 pm

What will Heaven be like the day you arrive
Will it meet your expectations you had when you were alive
It will be that and so very much more
When your day comes and you arrive on that Heavenly shore
Old friends will be there to greet you and welcome you in
As you have this feeling of contentment, where there is no sin
When you get to meet Jesus and feel his love
You will know that the book written truly was inspired by God above
God has prepared a place for all who believe
It will be more glorious more than you can now conceive
Heaven is a real place the Bible makes that clear
A place we can again live without any pain or fear
I imagine our first glimpse of Heaven will be one of amazement and delight
When we walk on streets of gold bathed in God's light
No eye has seen no ear has heard no mind has conceived
Will only on that day be given to those who have believed
A home in Heaven has been provided the scriptures has told us so
One day the Heaven's will open and when they see Jesus then all will know
I know little of what is on the other side but I know one thing
I know my master is there and that's enough, we will see our King

By Jim Clawson

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