God Lives

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God Lives

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The sun is starting to set as I walk along the long dirt road
Each step I take is slower carrying the heavy load.
Sometimes, I wonder why life can be so hard to endure
Why can't a person live a life of just being safe and secure.
A life without all the worries for you and me
A world to live in, as calm as could be.
A world of peace, with wars unheard of
Where everyone gets along, it's called brotherly love.
No more sickness or pain from within
A world where everyone is free of sin.
Unfortunately, we once had a place like this
But sin stepped in and it no longer exists.
Sin took away the way people act, think and feel
Leaving mankind with so many horrors yet to reveal.
Sadly, many have forgotten about God, leaving Him behind
To them, He does not exist; "The Creator of Mankind."
Yes, it's a long road that each of us must walk each day
But God is always beside you, never far away.
The load may be heavy with many burdens to bare
But God is more than willing to take them, just whisper a prayer.
No matter where you are, God always will hear you
God Loves you and wants you to "Him" to turn to.
May Gods Love shine upon you, each and every day
And many Blessings from Him come your way!

By Linda Laybolt
(c) June 15, 2015

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