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Post by sto6 » Thu May 28, 2015 6:01 am

Threads of blood fibres,
wrapped across a heart distraught,
broken, and afflicted by inappropriate choices, hasty decisions
of yester years, years only a wish can erase.

If wishes be horses` d ride away, to tomorrow;
Tomorrow !!!
My tomorrow, without the past.
But a mirage this is.

Streams of tears gushing out of blood shot eyes,
Neither blinking, nor winking,
ghastly looking at what I have become,
The person I thought I would never be- a reed,
blown away, easily broken by life`s whirlwind.

Broken promises, faded dreams
,inappropriate choices and hasty decisions
that apart from dark memories, have evolved into
a best selling adventure,a thriller,a romance,a tragedy.
A sight only I can see.

So I go to sleep...
Hoping my tomorrow will be brighter
Than my today and Yesterday.

In the morning, I awake again,
Another day, another routine called living.
I have been doing this for.....
All my life,as i can remember..
Living or dying; i don`t know.
Someone please help!!
I call !! but they will not.
They do not want to hear me;
No one will, they all cannot hear me,
Engrossed in their own troubles too, they all are.

But I must awake now,
and get busy living,
I tell myself.
This past will not go away,
but there is much ado about tomorrow.
A man must encourage himself, if he wishes to
master the craft of living
In whatsoever, whoever, or whomever.

As for me, I will encourage myself in The Lord,
in Christ alone I stand,
For my life is too sacred,
to have it thrown back at me
By man too carnal to discern what is priceless.

All other things do fade like jade.
But God`s word remains forever.
May God re-write my story,
and erase history.

@Simply Stella

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