A Message From God To You

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A Message From God To You

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As God sits on His Mighty Throne, He listens to you
He sees and hears everything that you do.
He sees the tears that fall from your eyes
He hears the sounds of all the babies cries.
He wonders why He gets asked so many times in vain
Where are you God? Can you not feel my pain?
Why God did you do this to this to me?
Was I not as faithful to you as I could be?
Why won't you stop the needless killings going on?
Yet, you say You have been with us all along!
Why would you take my innocent child away?
Why do you let the suffering continue from day to day?
Where are the miracles at? I need to know!
Where are you God? Where is the Almighty God of long ago?
God looks down from Heaven Above and replies,"I Am Here"
I have always been here and I Am Everywhere!
Everything bad that happens, I get the blame
Yet noone down there, has no remorse or shame.
Do you not remember how my children suffered through the years?
There were many hardships and turmoils, so many tears.
I give you miracles everyday, yet you are too blind to see
Everyday I send life but little babies are sent back to me.
Man has changed the world I created for you
Once was paradise is now full of smog, with no sky to view.
Cities are so huge with no room to move for anyone
Buildings erected in the sky, shaded areas where there should be sun.
Many animals and plants have become extinct, because of the modern age
People have changed over the years, hearts are now full of rage.
Rockets soar into the sky, sattelites circle the earth everyday
Nations keep close eye on each other, incase a bomb is sent their way.
Why is so much money spent on modern technology to advance
When children die from hunger and disease without a fighting chance.
What about the homeless people you meet on the street?
Broken souls, just looking for a place to sleep and something to eat.
Everyday there is threat of war, my children die needlessly
Terrorists live to kill and torture, problems are never settled peacefully!
Every country wants to rule and be number one in this modern day
Nation leaders have forgotten that I rule and I Am The Way!
I am here, I have always been here; I see everything
Some of my children have turned away, never listening to anything.
I did my best when I created a world for mankind to live in
But lately, all I see is people living with tormented hearts and in sin.
I even sent you my Beloved Son Jesus to teach about me "Your Father"
He gave you the greatest commandment "To Love One Another!"
Yet, you turned on Him; and nailed Him to an old wooden cross
What more do I have to do to get my point across?
Yes indeed, I hear all prayers; I listen carefully to each word that is said
Sometimes, it takes awhile for me to answer but I Am Not Dead.
Each and everyone of you, when you were born, I had a plan
It's been that way since I created your world and life began!
It is not my fault if you choose not to listen to me, when I talk
Or that you have chosen a different path in life to walk!
I do have many children that are very humble and loyal to me
But I still love each of you the same way, yet this you cannot see!
Like I said before, when you were born I have a plan for each of you
Some of you will live long lives, others not; this is true.
So don't be sad or blame me when a loved one is taken from you
It's all part of the bigger plan that I have chosen so don't be blue!
My angels are always with you night and day
Protecting and guiding you, along the way!
You are never alone for I am always here watching you too
No matter what the outcome is, they are my plans for you!
I Am ...The Great I Am...
Alpha and Omega....The Beginning and The End
I am still here...The God Of Abraham!
Loving one another is not such a hard thing to do
After all, I should know; I AM YOUR FATHER AND I LOVE YOU!

By Linda Laybolt
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Re: A Message From God To You

Post by Hope »

This is AWESOME!!! I Love it!

God Bless You Love Eva
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