Song Of The Morning

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Song Of The Morning

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It's early morn as I watch the sunrise
Night has departed saying goodbye
As I set on my porch looking around
I hear little birds singing their song.

A robin sits quietly on a branch as it sings
Such happiness to my heart that it brings.
Soon the others all join in harmony
Like a choir of angels, how can this be?

Every morning there voices can be heard
Yet they cannot speak, not even a word.
I wonder do they hear something from the sky
Do they hear the angels in Heaven, up high?

Watching closely, they all seem to look above
As they sing their lullably, filled with love.
Do they hear or see something that we cannot?
Singing to the Lord is a wonderful thought!

So next time you hear the little birds sing
Remind yourself, they're singing to our King.
Remember, The Lord hears and sees everything we do
So He hears and sees the little birds too!

By Linda Laybolt
(c) 2015
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