Baby Jesus, The Newborn King

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Baby Jesus, The Newborn King

Post by John »

Baby Jesus, The Newborn King

Look high up to the sky tonight
See if you see a star shinning OH SO BRIGHT!
For this is the night that A KING WAS BORN
So many years ago, that the world has come to adorn!

A little baby that came from Heaven to us
That changed the world forever, Baby Jesus!
The red carpet was not rolled out for Him
Actually, there was no inn for Him to be born in Bethlehem.

His parents Mary and Joseph could only find a stall
No cozy room or bed, for Him at all!
Just a barn full of animals, not fit for a King
But they made do, with no complaints about anything.

He was wrapped in sworns of cloth very carefully
And placed in a manager of hay so gracefully.
Not one cry from the Little King as He looked around
All the animals watched, without making a sound!

Here lay The Son Of God in the poorest of places
Yet the stall was full of peace and love on all faces.
No, it was not a great place for any baby to be
But high up in Heaven, all was singing with glee!

Tonight the Messiah has been born, the angels sing
Hallelujah To Our Majesty, Our Newborn King
And God smiled from Heaven with Love in His heart at His Little Son
For God had sent Him Full of Love, Baby Jesus, "The Chosen One!"

By Linda Laybolt
(c) Dec 5,2014
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Re: Baby Jesus, The Newborn King

Post by Hope »

This is so BEAUTIFUL! I really Love this and it tells the Amazing story of our Awesome Savior Jesus!!!!

God Bless You Love You Eva
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