My Angel

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My Angel

Post by John »

As I look out from across the deck
I see the sun rising above the ocean
And the waves rolling slowly to the shore
As I walk down the deck into my garden
I gaze and stare at all the beauty there
Within all the different colours of flowers and trees.
As I listen, I hear the sound of a harp faintly
Drifting into my ears
Like an angel playing softly and beautiful upon a harp.
Makes one wonder as to why God created the angels
Including the ones that watch over us
Day in and day out never ceasing to guard over us
Even though we may not see them, they are all around us
God has sent them to watch over us
When our final breath here on earth is done
They are there to carry us Home to God in the Heavens above.
So if we only learned to believe and pray to God up above
The angels will be there for us always.
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Re: My Angel

Post by Hope »

This is so Good and so true, I know it will bless so many. I am always so Happy to see you here sharing the Wonderful things you write!

God Bless You Eva
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