My Thoughts Fo Today

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My Thoughts Fo Today

Post by John »

There is always some conflict
in this world that we live in.
If it s not war or genocide,
along with the natural disasters
that happen along the way.
Makes one wonder.......
Why there has to be so much
conflict in the world today.
Are not enough people killed
from all the disasters that we have
along with the accidents
and killings that occur everyday
So what happened to
Thou Shalt Not Kill?
Is it right for one to erase
people with a different
ethnic belief or way of life?
Jus because you do not like them?
In the Bible there were
allsorts of wars and genocides
Because God had only one nation
that He favored above all.
Because they had faith and believed
In God Only!
Then why were all these different
people and nations created.
For s it not God who gave
life to every living thing on
this earth, and in the seas and shies up above.
Yet wars and genocides have been
with us since the beginning of time,
according to the Old Testament in the Bible.
Yet God sent His Only Son
to this earth; to dwell and preach among us.
For a period of time
He converted many Gentiles to Christianity.
Are not two of Gods Commandments
Thou shalt not kill and
Love thy neighbour as thy self?
Yet politicians are quick to judge
and send us to war
for us and our kids
to kill or be killed.
By calling it a peacekeeping force
or police action.
Are we not all the same
in Gods yes?
We all believe in something and someone.
As long as this world is going to survive.
There always be wars ad conflict
somewhere in the world!
So where is the love
for your common man?
Do we not realize
that love is he greatest
commandment of all.
Therefore cannot we
be more understanding of each other,
instead of condemning one another.
Therefore look at the beam in your eye,
before condemning one with
just a slinter in his eye.
Now let the love of Jesus
Be with you all,
Now and for Always.
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Re: My Thoughts Fo Today

Post by Hope »

This writing holds a lot of things to think about when we are living for God we can't be on both sides of the fence. We are all Gods children and I Pray this world realizes it and stops the wars and fighting everyone is important to Him no matter where you live. This is Really GOOD!

God Bless You Eva
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