My Mornings

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My Mornings

Post by John »

Where do we begin?
Where do we end?
It's all up to us
Each of us.

We get up each morning
As we greet each day anew
Wondering what it has in store
For us upon this day.

Wondering if this day
Will turn out ok
Or a day filled with
Desperation one more time.

This morning I will turn
Turn to the Lord
My God, My Saviour
To rant me a peaceful day.

This day, I greet the Lord
My God and Creator
Saying to Him in prayer
Good Morning Lord!

Lord, what can I o
For you today?
As I silently wait
For His answer.

With a smile upon my face
And peace within my heart and soul
I greet the morning
On tis beautiful day.

On this day today
My heart is filled
Wit love and peace
From deep within.

For I know that
Within this day
The Lord, my God
Will abide within me.

Sunshine will fill
All the days o my life
As long as the Lord God
Abides in me.

Days filled with
Grief and sorrow
Burdens tat I cannot carry
The Lord has taken away.

At each new day
My soul rejoices
My heart sings out
To God, y Saviour.

On that final day
When the battle is done
I will spend the rest of my days
With God in Heaven, up above.
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Re: My Mornings

Post by Hope »

I know so many mornings start like you wrote here but like you said with God we can start our day with a smile. This is so GOOD!

God Bless You Eva
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