Cleaning out my closet

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Cleaning out my closet

Post by chrystnya » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:00 pm

I had a dream lastnight that Father came to me and said"my child,it is time to clean out your closet." "But Father" I say,"these things I have had most of my life,I will not feel like myself if I throw these things out".Father replies"my child,these things are no longer needed,they are things you have outgrown,by you holding onto these old things ,you have no room for the new things , "yes ,Father" I reply. When I enter into my "closet",I notice only 8 boxes,and I think to myself,what is he talking about,there is plenty of room in here,all I have to do is scoot these boxes aside to make room. So I reach for the first box,it was a bright Yellow box of fairly huge size and I decide to take the lid off because I dont remember what is inside,when I remove the lid it is filled with alot of warm sunny days,I hurry to close the lid because the sun was a little too warm,I set this box aside and went to the next box,I notice then that all 8 boxes are of different colors,the next box I came to was a Purple box,the purple box is just a little smaller than the yellow box,when I remove the lid it was filled with my bruised ego,I said"but Father I dont understand"he said "keep going".So I replace the lid and came to the next box,it was a Green box,it was just a bit larger than the Purple box and when I removed the lid,it was filled with money.I thought "oh,I like this box",Father said" not so fast,you cant spend what is no longer yours".but Father it is in my closet,it must be mine","continue on Child"my father replied.And I replaced the lid of the Green box and reach for the next box.It was a Black box,I removed the lid and inside was alot of tears,just looking in the box made me feel sad,I could not speak,and Father just said "I know child,now move on".So I closed the lid on the Black box and I reached for the next box,which was a Blue box,it was slightly bigger than the last couple of boxes and I remove the lid to find it was filled with sadness,but not like the sadness I felt with the Black box,this sadn ess felt deeper engraved into the box,I replaced the lid and moved it aside,the next box I seen was a Orange box that had been sitting on top of the Blue box as if they went together for some reason,When I opened the Orange box it was filled with hopes and dreams It felt like it was or could have been a happier box compared to the Blue box it was sitting on.I replaced the lid and moved on to the next box,it was a huge Red box and bigger than all the other boxes I struggle to take off the lid and inside was filled with alot of anger and resentment,I started feeling angry just looking in it,and I was'nt even sure why.I put the lid back on it ,but I was so confused over this box that I removed the lid again,and again I started feeling angry, I replaced the lid again and removed it again and everytime I would get angry over and over,finally Father said "move on to the next box you are wasteing to much time on this Red box,So I pushed this huge box aside and reached for the next box,only when I reached for it,it was hard to see because it was so small that the shadows of the bigger boxes hid it,when I pulled it closer to me it was the Whitest box I have ever seen,I dont think I have ever seen a White that bright.I opened the tiny lid and inside was the most peaceful feeling I have ever felt,It was so peaceful it made me cry .I looked up to my Father and he said"this is the box you can keep and you can add all the stuff you want to this box,I leaned back against the wall and looked at all the boxes,I said" Father I dont understand what this means ,all these different boxes and out of all of them I have to let go of all of them except for this tiny White box"..He said it's simple my child ,for each of these boxes represent a part of your life,the first box was the Yellow box,that was all the Sunny days you missed being depressed,that's why you could'nt remember what was inside,because you never noticed them. The second box was the Purple box ,it was filled with your bruised ego because when someone would offend you ,yo u would hang on to it instead of turning the other cheek.The third box was the Green box ,all that money you liked so much ,that was all the money you have spent foolishly ,while not titheing,it would have come back to you had you tithed with it.The fourth box was the Black box it was filled with the tears you cried for your loved ones that have passed on,it is ok to hang on to the memories of them but the grief has got to go.The fifth box was the Blue box,it was filled with the sadness you carry in your heart for all the disappointments in your life.Remember disappointments can some times be opportunities to grow.It's ok to be disappointed but dont let it keep you from moving forward with your life.The sixth box was the Orange box it was filled with all your hopes and dreams that Satan stole from you,those can be replaced be me.The seventh box ,that was the Red box the reason it was bigger than all the other boxes is because it was filled with all the anger you have held onto every time someone hurt you ,you would never let any of it go,you would just stick it in this box and bring it out ever so often to remind you,that's why that box made you feel so angry and that's why you kept removing the lid over and over.That whole box needs to go out,you dont even need a Red Box,because you need to forgive peoples offenses as I forgive you of yours.And the eighth box ,the smallest box in there ,that my child was the box filled with the times you have spent with me,the times you have focused on others more than yourself and that is the box you are allowed to keep,that is the box you need to add to. Written by: Christina Melton, Inspired by: God 09/19/2009
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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by beckybrandt » Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:09 pm

wow. I can relate to that. this has tuched me so deep inside. thank you I know it took alot to write this but thank you. :)
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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Doug Holt » Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:29 am


What a message Chrystnya, K U D O S.

Inspirational spiritual a wonderful write

With great food for thoughts

I am sure many will relate to as well.

Totaly awesome. I feel so blesed for having read it.

Thanks for sharing your God Given Gift.

Doug. :D
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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Hope » Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:47 am

This is Awesome I want to share it with everyone. I know that so many can relate to this message. I know that I surely can, This will be a Blessing to so many I need to clean out my closet, I know I will feel so much better after I do. I Love this.

God Bless You Eva

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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Brenda Pike » Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:55 am


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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Happy Holmes1 » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:53 pm

This story was incredible and beautiully written!!! I'm going to check my closet right now.
Thank you so much for sharing this. Would love to read what else the Lord has inspired in you
to write! Did you really dream this? Simply amazing! GOD has truly blessed NetHugs today by
your presence dear. Thank you SO much for sharing this blessing! -Dawn
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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Jeff Guest » Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:26 pm

EXCELLENT Christina, much wisdom in this wonderful write!!! Welcome to the site, look forward to reading many more!!!
"For God’s mercy reaches unto the heavens, and His truth unto the clouds" (Psalm 57:10, NKJV).

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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by Pokey's Heart » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:57 am

Welcome to nethugs! Awesome post, my friend, God bless you looking forward to reading many more from you.
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Re: Cleaning out my closet

Post by zelda » Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:47 pm

Christina, This is a beautiful post and one each one of us can identify with. I teach a ladies Bible and would love to use this could I do that?

zelda :D Thank you for sharing and please let me know if that would be ok

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