As We Kneel Here Tonight

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As We Kneel Here Tonight

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As We Kneel Here Tonight

As we kneel here tonight, oh Lord
We ask for Your helping hand
To wipe away all our sin
And remove Satan , as we know You can

As we help to fight this war
Heal our bodies from pin and agony
We’ll do our part, as we can
Until evil is gone for eternity

Help the limp to walk
And help the blind to see
Remove all sickness, Dear Lord
I beg this of Thee

Some of our knees don’t work
Like they did when we was a youth
Sometimes it’s hard to get back up
Once they have knelt to pray, to You

May we keep the wisdom
That we’ve learned through the years
Nothing’s sadder than one with dementia
There’s nothing we can do, but shed our tears

Just reach down Your healing hand
And stop all the plagues and wars
With just a sweep of Your hand
You could sweep them past the stars

Written 1/5/2022 by Norman Hale
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