This Dream Of Desire

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This Dream Of Desire

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This Dream Of Desire

As I looked up into the sky
I saw the face of Jesus in a cloud
I said “Oh Lord, forgive me of my sins”
He said “stay true and righteous, I’ll be proud

The next day there was Jesus upon a cloud
He was looking down on the earthly crowd
He said “I am the one who died for you
Don’t be a lamb, stay strong and true” very loud

“Don’t let others lead you astray
You’ll feel it there in your heart
Whatever life's road you take
I’ll show you, should you stray apart

Then I saw Jesus with an angel band
Coming down a golden set of stairs
With a golden crown upon His head
And all of His precious love to share

As He reached hearts surface
He started pointing His cane here and there
The Angels started their sweet singing
As those souls lifted up into the air

As each was lifted up towards Heaven
The earth suddenly caught on fire
All the souls left there were screaming
That’s when I woke up from this dream of desire

Written 8/13/21 Written by Norman Hale Jr.
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