Don't Give Up On Hope

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Don't Give Up On Hope

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Don’t Give Up On Hope!

If you feel that the burden that you are carrying
Is taking you to a place where you don’t want to be,
Feeling all alone with no one to give you comfort,
Then My child you need to come to Me,
And don’t give up on Hope!

When the trials of life begin to weigh you down
To the point where you may feel despair,
Because you lost a child, so young and sweet,
Know that I am right here by your side,
And don’t give up Hope on Me!

When a sorrow seems to pierce your hurting heart
Because of some bad choices that you have made,
And you think that all is lost, that no one really cares,
Know that My heart is where your sorrow now lays,
And don’t give up on Hope!

If you are inflicted, and worried about serious illness
Uncertain what the ultimate outcome might be,
Afraid to face the light of another tomorrow all alone,
Release all of your doubts and fears unto Me,,
And don’t give up on Hope!

Hope is that one last shining light that flickers without fail
The light of Hope is never extinguished, if you just believe,
And trust that you will be graced with all that you need,
When you allow Me into your troubled and confused heart,
For My healing graces and forgiving love will set you free,
So don’t give up on Hope!

Don’t give up on Hope, because I am the hope that you seek,
I am by your side as you go through life’s journey,
I am in your heart forever to stay, especially at that journey’s end!
For it is not about the journey, but My Kingdom that awaits you,
Yes, I have laid down my life to save you my dear friend,
Just don’t give up on Hope!

We walk together hand in hand!

Love, Jesus!

Steve A. Politte
May 13, 2021
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