The Time Will Come

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The Time Will Come

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The Time Will Come

The time will come
When men shall sigh
And fall upon their knees
As they begin to cry

For all of their actions
On earth they’ll pay
When Angels come from Heaven
On that Judgment Day

For many it will be to late
To beg for forgiveness no matter the strife
We must all get it straight
To make sure our name’s in the book of life

It won’t matter what color you were
When your soul rises up that day
We’ll be all the same color of pure
Your soul is depending on your ways

The time will surely come
You’ll wish you listened then
And gave your life to the Lord
Instead of giving into sin

So get on your knees, brother
And pray a heartfelt prayer
If everything works out
I hope to see you all there

Written 4/25/2021
By Norman Hale Jr.
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