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This Flag

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This Flag

This flag is for heroes
For that have been so brave
To honor the lost ones
That rest in their grave

This flag is for past wars
And the wars of tomorrows
Each time we see a flag
We should think of the sorrows

This flag is for loved ones
That fight their silent fights
Of all the cancers and diseases
Before death takes their souls in flight

This flag is for the races
That are different from me or you
They too have sweet dreams
For the flag of red, white and blue

This flag is for children
Who get lost on their way
As we say our pledge of Allegiance
May we pray no more goes a stray

This flag is for the wounded
As they sit in those wheel chairs
Only wanting a little respect
As we show them we all care

This flag is for a lot more
That so many will never understand
Why we salute our grand old flag
As we cover our heart with our hand

This flag is for respect
For those that fight to be free
Yes they fight for our future
The same future of you and me

Written 1/5/2019 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2019 (All rights reserved
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Re: This Flag

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Beautiful write, Norman, and All So True....God Bless You' in All Ways', Norman'...I am bk. off n on, when I get the time...Pastor/Sis Shirley ann shaw... :)
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