Field Of Stone

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Field Of Stone

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Field Of Stone

Side by side
And end to end
Are rows of brothers
Lay there like friends

With just their names
Marking their little spots
Fought for their country
To be planted in this lot

They'll lay right there
Just outside of town
Waiting in peace and quiet
Until those trumpets sound

As if they were all brothers
before they went off to war
Some of them died so quickly
While others died from mental scars

Just a field of stones
As far as the eyes can see
But all gave their life
So the rest of us could be free

With wreaths and flowers
Planted by each stone
So they are not forgotten
Memories should never be gone

So thank a Soldier
Every chance you can
Tomorrow is never promised
It could be you under that land

Written 12/26/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved
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