Just A Little Angel

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Just A Little Angel

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Just A Little Angel

There she sits rocking
In her little rocking chair
Suffering from Down-Syndrome
Though it seems no one cares

She's the one who suffers
Just a baby of about four
She lost her Angel wings
When she fell from Heavens shore

Some look at her funny
As they walk on passing her by
Some call her bad names
Sometimes she can't help but cry

She doesn't bother anyone
But would sure like to have a friend
One too listen to her every word
As she prays they'll understand

Her parents try to love her
And pray she'll be alright
At times she hears them fighting
Then at times crying in the night

She thinks it's all her fault
That she suffers this disease
She often asks for forgiveness
Often finishing prayers with please

She's just a baby girl
Never asked for a life so hard
There's nothing she can do
She prays for ones calling her 'retard'

The Doctors say there's no cure
We can only pray they find one
And this disease gets wiped out
Maybe then her life can be more fun

For now she sits in her chair
Waiting for a friend to come by
To hold her hand as they talk
Maybe laugh together more than cry

We all know a little Angel
That has this terrible disease
So let us bow our heads and pray
As we all ask God for the cure please

Written 8/30/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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