In Need Of Prayer

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In Need Of Prayer

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In Need Of Prayer

With a bottle in left hand
And a bible laying on the table
He knows he's just a sinner
But tries to do what he's able

He reads His bible every night
Though others only see him as a drunk
He feels the love from Jesus
Never claiming to be a christian or a munk

He has a lot of burdens on his mind
That just eat at him each and every day
Trying to drown them in that bottle
Yet to figure out that's not the way

He'll wake in the morning with aches
The hangover will leave his head spinning
And he'll drink to ease it up some
And like yesterday that will be the beginning

If he'd only listen to the words he's read
He'd find out drinking was not the answer
It will only lead to more problems
From liver troubles on down the line to cancers

If he could just see the light there
Written in that old bible so well
He could testify to so many others
And oh, all the stories he could tell

If he'd just lay down that bottle
And read that bible a closer look
He'd see his past mistakes in life
And all the wrong choices that he's took

He needs all of our prayers, it's true
That he gives up that booze bottle fast
As He finally sees Gods shining light
And Satan's hold is a thing of his past


Written 8/9/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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