He Stands His Ground

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He Stands His Ground

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He Stands His Ground

He stands there
Holding the flag
In honor of those
That serve and gave

To many lives lost
Protecting our rights
While some won't stand
To honor those that fight

It's a crying shame
They still play ball
For if it was left to me
I'd damned sure can them all

At least Mr.Trump
Shows the soldiers respect
If the owners had any since
They'd fire them as effect

It's funny during off season
They wasn't out there in protest
Not giving respect to anyone else
Because they was afraid of the effect

Honor your soldiers while you can
For we never know from day to day
Here today and gone tomorrow
Is the kind of world we live in today

Take those ball players pay away
And watch how fast they make a stand
Give it to the soldiers that serve
Then see how fast they want a helping hand

Written 8/11/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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