The Soldier

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The Soldier

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The Soldier

He was there at Pearl Harbor
When planes bombed from the sky
He stood by his fallen brothers
With no time for tears in his eyes

He fought out the wars
So the rest of us could live free
Never asking for nothing in return
Though at times he relives those memories

He walked the beaches of Normandy
As bullets flew past his head
Yet he helped to win that battle
Others swore, he should have been dead

His fallen comrades lay at his feet
As he tromped on up each hill
He wasn't sent there for the joy
His Uncle Sam ordered him to kill

He was there on the banks of Korea
When Hell broke out in that place
As he lost even more brothers in arms
Not a tear would he let run down his face

He was stationed there in Saigon
When he was sent to Vietnam
Though blood poured on the ground
He always firmly made his stand

He never asked for favors
Nor, did he wine about his pain
He loved fighting for his country
No matter how many more blood stains

He always followed his orders
And prayed God to see him through
He did not fight for the money
But, for the freedom for me and you

Though he's killed so many
With both a knife and a gun
When he was returned home
Dead or alive he was someone's son

He's just an American Soldier
That has seen his better days
He never once asked for our respect
But they all have earned it in many ways

Written 8/8/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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