She Stands In The Window

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She Stands In The Window

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She Stands In The Window

She stands in the window
The same one every night
She's not among the living
Her glow is way to bright

She looks about eight years old
Yet no one seems to know her name
Such a sweet looking child
From the Civil War days,what a shame

Such a pretty little girl
With ribbons up in her hair
But can look down right mean
If she gives you that evil stare

Just the other day I heard one of my girls
Talking loud as she was playing with dolls
Then suddenly I seen why
She was talking to that little girl ghost

She said "come play dolls with me,
I promise they won't bite!
Maybe we can be best friends
If you think that will be alright?"

The little girl reached for a doll
But, her hand went right through!
It was then she started to cry
As my girl said "It's alright I'll help you!"

Those girls played for hours
With dolls and other things
Laughing and carrying on at spells
Then they heard the church bells ring

Then that little girl disappeared
Next we saw her in that window again
Someone said her parents where killed
During that Civil War, oh what a shame

Her parents where both white
But where killed for helping the slaves
She starved to death in a tunnel
Where she was put to be safe

She stands in that window
Looking confused and so lost
Just because of another s greed
So many lives had to be lost

She comes down now and then
To play with our girls
With ribbons in her hair
Of those long wavy curls

She has showed my two girls
Some things that she has seen
They are not sure how to take it
Hoping it was something from a bad dream

Written 7/28/2018 by Norman Hale Jr.
© 2018 (All rights reserved)
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